Saturday, January 28, 2012

What a Week!!

This was such a long week! I am exhausted! We were Dibels testing (FUN!) so I think that was partly to blame. It changes the routine and that is never a good thing for my kiddos! If I have ever had a group of students that need structure, it is most definitely my homeroom class this year. :)

I am curious as to what everyone plans for their early finishers. I have students who can finish their morning work in about 2 minutes while it takes other WAY longer! The "rule" is the early finishers are supposed to read but they never seem to be doing that! I think I'm going to try journal writing so we will see how that goes. My kids also LOVE mystery word activities so I created some for them to grab when they finish morning work early. Click here for a freebie of the mystery word activity.

I would love to hear everyone's suggestions! I'd love to get some more ideas!


  1. Thanks for the mystery word freebie!! We have been putting one in our monthly homework packet and the students have loved it! I am excited to make these for my early finishers!


  2. My stand by early finisher activity is using Task cards.

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  3. Thanks for sharing the task cards! I will definitely check them out!

  4. Hi from your newest follower :) I just came over from Lisa's page. Your blog design is very cute! I don't have anything awesome for my early finishers but my teaching partner created a Cranium Club Made in the Shade in Second Grade make sure to check her out!


  5. Hi Latricia,
    So glad you put this out here, I need help also in this area. I am going to check out the task cards now, and thanks for the freebie.

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  6. HaHA! I managed to catch you and tag you. Come check it out at my blog!

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